Sunday, November 08, 2009

Strumming along...

For years I've been a lazy bum. Waiting for someone to point out a good piece of music to me. (I did find some amazing stuff: Scribble Pad's m got me hooked to Amy Grant, DP got me in touch with Alan Jackson's Margaritaville) But I never actually went hunting for music. Well, yesterday, whilst waiting for a friend to come back online, I was hunting for something good to listen to, and I stumbled onto GarageBand. Fifteen minutes of pseudo-random clicking later, I found some gems. It's amazing the number of gems that will turn up and land in your hands if you actually take the effort to sift through piles of rubbish. These are lovely pieces. If Joni Mitchell or Norah Jones had sung these, we'd have a few best-sellers on our hands. But then that's why GarageBand is there right?
This is some of the stuff that I'm listening to... and strumming along with...

Erika Chambers: If only tears! (soulful, stirring, powerful vocals... not really my kind of music, but amazing melody)

Hard times: Dear Mama (wish I was home with you and Daddy! simple... lovely country tune)

Julie Collings: Tread Carefully (as we all unfold / slowly things spin out of control / tread carefully / there's pieces of me I'm still looking for)


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