Sunday, July 10, 2011

Applied Physics

The really smug feeling that you get from being a Physicist arises out of the confidence that you can dismiss every other field of study in this universe as just "Applied Physics".

There's only one field of study that trumps Physics

- Philosophy (which by-definition is META-Physics)

A letter to all the parents of IITians.

This is a letter that I'd love to post on behalf  of every IITian to his/her parents:

Dear Mom & Dad,
I know that I was one of the smartest kids in my school. I was always 1st or thereabouts. You know what? Every SINGLE one of these 2000 guys who joined along with me, can say the same thing about THEMSELVES. Yeah! Yeah! I know that the general idea is that I should top every single semester and come out in 4 years as the student of the year. But let's be just a little bit more realistic. 
If I flunk a course: Remember. I didn't commit murder. I didn't burn your house down. I didn't plant a bomb in a crowded public place. I failed a course. I know you don't want to see me as a loser but please put it in perspective. 
I may not win every single competition. But the only time I lose is when I do not dare to enter a competition for fear of losing. 
I have come here to learn something. I'd like to come out after I've learnt it. If it takes 6 years (instead of 4) for me to learn it, SO BE IT!

Love you.